Information about the Corona virus

There are many questions about the Corona virus and the unique situation we are in. Here we have gathered information for you as a guest on how Dalhalla is affected.

In the current situation, we must all take our responsibility to minimize the spread of infection. We at Dalhalla will do everything we can to act responsibly and will of course follow the directives and recommendations from authorities that are relevant this summer. We are prepared to make new decisions as the situation changes.

How is Dalhalla’s 2020 events affected?
The government’s decision to ban public gatherings and public events with more than 50 people includes Dalhalla and our events. At present, we plan to follow through with the program for the summer, but if the ban persists or if the artist him/herself chooses to postpone or cancel, we are prepared to act and make new decisions. Since the Government has not given any time limit for when the ban may be lifted, we need to be prepared for different scenarios.

How are you affected as a ticket buyer?

If you have any questions about your ticket purchase, you can always contact us at info@dalhalla.se