GES – Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt – Summer 2018

Desire. That’s what everything really is about. Lust to play and sing together, want to pick up those songs just waiting and requesting a fly again. Lust to once again go on a big sweden tour and of course the greatest desire of all of them – to meet the audience.

Last summer, we counted in “The Songs of Summer” for the first time in fourteen years. We had to attend six magical evenings in Borgholm Palace ruins.

Now we look forward to a tour summer where we get the opportunity to meet everyone who for various reasons did not have the opportunity to go to Öland. With a wonderful band, imaginative production and a track list that overflows with playful sights, we can hardly wait until we get out on the roads and meet all the amazing crowds again at all the beautiful venues around the country.
It is still about lust and now it is even bigger if possible.

See you this summer!
Anders Glenmark, Thomas “Orup” Eriksson, Niklas Strömstedt

11 July



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Red: 750 SEK

Yellow: 850 SEK

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