After the weekend’s success in the Globe Arena and great success on several scenes, we are pleased to announce that P-Floyd returns to Dalhalla in the summer of 2018. Friday August 3rd, it’s time to enjoy their fantastic music!

With a very powerful production, they have created magic in the quarry since 2006 and have constantly offered new versions of Pink Floyd’s timeless music combined with amazing beautiful productions. Dalhalla 2018 will be another historic event in Dalhalla!

P-Floyd consists of: Jan Stumsner, Guitar – Hans Lundin, Song and guitar – Mats Nilsson, Keyboard and song – Håkan Norlin, Keyboard – Peter Holmstedt, Bass – Klas Anderhell, Drums – Thomas Alm, Saxophones – Marica Lindé and Eleonor Ågeryd, Choir

3 August

Homepage: http://p-floyd.com



Blue: 790 SEK

Green: 690 SEK

Red: 690 SEK

Yellow: 790 SEK

Plus service fees

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