Welcome to the Machine

Following the enormous success of their show “Seven Deadly sins”, where P-Floyd illustrated the story of Pink Floyd using the Seven Deadly Sins as a frame, playing sold out concerto houses in Sweden, performing a special version of the show in the legendary venue “Dalhalla” as well as in London, Malmoe arena and The majestic Eriksson Globe Arena in Stockholm, it is now time for one of the greatest concept bands in the world to present “Welcome to the Machine – the dismantling and reassembling of Wish You Were Here”.

Because P-Floyd always strives to surpass themselves and provide their faithful audience new experiences the band now wishes to offer another magical evening in Dalhalla. This time P-Floyd will dismantle one of Pink Floyd´s most renowned and iconic albums, “Wish you Were Here”, and put it back together in their own fashion. Their personal interpretations of the full album which will guarantee an entirely unique experience.

Also, the band will, as always in their concerts, provide a vast variety of Pink Floyd songs, spanning their entire unprecedented career.

Be sure to attend when one of the most famous albums of all time is being performed in a manner you have never heard before, and join a stunning ride as P-Floyd enables all systems and ignites all their rocket engines to initiate a cosmic voyage through time and space, soaring through the timeless catalogue of Pink Floyd. As customary, all senses will be indulged when the band unleashes their mighty stage production, bringing suggestive, mind blowing, mind enhancing light into the summer night and the old limestone quarry, as well as a crystal clear, jaw breaking sound design.

D.o n.o.t m.i.s.s t.h.i.s

3 August

Homepage: http://p-floyd.com



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