Oscar Magnusson has previously been telling how he will take on his roll in the band with the greatest love and respect:

“I see it a bit depraved, like I’m moving closer to the middle of the scene, and I can do something nice, relevant and good of it, and at the same time say a kind of” thank you for all dad “. I can’t or will not try to fill his shoes, possibly rather lovingly follow his steps. Sven-Ingvars music will always be part of the Swedish folk souls, but it will also live on and take place in the room for live music in the future, “says Oscar.

On March 22 2017, Sven-Erik Magnusson, one of the biggest music profiles and artists of our time, went out of time. The characteristic voice silenced, but he still lives through the huge treasure of songs that Sven-Ingvars delivered through their 60 years as a band.

This summer, Sven-Ingvars visits Rättvik and Dalhalla to give a emotional concert and a musical journey through the band’s song treasure. Hits, new interpretations and forgotten treasures, all supported in a resounding form to the band’s lead star, Sven-Erik Magnusson.

Members of Sven-Ingvars:
Oscar Magnusson
Klas Anderhell
Stefan Deland
Staffan Ernestam
Olle Nyberg

29 July



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