At Dalhalla you have the opportunity to book a camparea for your caravan or camper when visiting any of our concerts.

There is no electricity or possibility to empty latrine at our camparea, for such facilities visit one of the campsites in Rättvik.

Those who book a campsite have access to toilet at the entrance house.

When you book your campsite, you will receive a ticket with a code. The code is valid for entry and exit and toilet until check-out time stated on the ticket. The ticket is numbered as the campspots.

It is not allowed to use grill at our camparea.

The camparea are only for those who want to stay overnight with their camper or caravan. If you intend to continue your travel after the concert, please use our regular parking.

There is a limited number of campingspots and all are available in the booking below. If the system states that it is fully booked, there are no spots left to book. We have no waiting list, it is up to the customer to stay updated if there are potential vacancies.

NOTE! If guests in any way violate the safety regulations found on our camparea, we reserve the right to reject the guest.

Cancellation: It is possible to cancel your reservation 24 hours before check-in and get the money back. Less than 24 hours the customer is charged full price. If, for any reason, customer chooses to leave our camparea after checking-in no money is refunded.