How to get to Dalhalla

Dalhalla is located 7 km north of Rättvik and 280 km northwest of Stockholm.

Take RV70 north from Rättvik to exit at Nittsjö/Kullsberg and follow the signs for Dalhalla.


Lat N 60° 56’53”
Lon E 15° 6’13”

How to dress

There is no roof over the arena so dress according to wether. Summer nights can be chilly so it is often a good idea to bring along a warm blanket och extra clothes. Be sure to bring rainwear if needed. No umbrellas are allowd into the arena for safety reasons. 


Note that the arena is big and steep. Do you have trouble climbing stairs, please book a seat high up in the arena , row 26-40.


There are 1 000 parkingspaces a short walk from the arena. Free parking!


There is transfer available to and from all the concerts in Dalhalla. For more info and booking.


Dalhalla has accessibility seats for those in need of assistance in and out of the arena. The accessibility seats are for those who need a wheelchair, walker, or have limited mobility. The seats are arranged as needed.

Any accompanying companion is welcome (pays only service fee), all companions need their own ticket to the event.

The accessibility seats are unnumbered and can be found in section A, at lines 21-23 and booked via our ticket agents, see the respective event page for contact info: https://www.dalhalla.se/evenemang/
You can also book via email: info@dalhalla.se.

For those who have booked an accessibility seat, there is special parking area. Our arnea bus takes care of you for transport to your place in the arena.

If the concert is cancelled

Concerts may be suspended or canceled due to various reasons. The ticket fee (excluding service charge) is refundable if the concert is canceled or interrupted before the pause.

Not permitted in the arena

• Dogs and other animals
• Smoking
• Shooting with flash during the performance
• Videorecording
• Umbrellas

More info

Contact Dalhalla for group booking of concerts and guided tours .
Dalhalla office: info@dalhalla.se