360 million years ago a 4 km diameter meteor fell from space. The result we see today as Lake Siljan and its beautiful surroundings. Dalhalla is one of the only three places in the world where you can clearly see how the natural landscape has been affected by meteoric impact. 

At whitsun 1991, Dalhalla was woken from its slumber. Margareta Dellefors, a former opera singer, who had been looking for a place for summer festivals, “found” it , Draggängarna, a disused quarry in the woods outside Rättvik. The vision was born. 

In Dalhalla, Sweden has established a unique festival stage of international repute with exceptional acoustical qualities, fully comparable to the best outdoor venues  in Europe. Even described as one of the most powerful and  beautiful outdoor venues in the world.

Today Dalhalla present 20-25 events each summer, from June to september, and seasonal program includes a wide range of  concerts in many different musical styles.

Opera performances will highlight Dalhalla best sides. Magnificent spectacle, with splendid costumes and live music, amplified by the arena’s impressive natural scenery. Dalhalla renowned acoustics will also come into their own when usually no amplification is used, which would be unique to an outdoor venue. Opera is Dalhalla hallmark.


Dalhalla operational activities are supported by the Ministry of Culture, Dalarna County Council and the Savings Bank Foundation Dalarna.