Rhapsody In Rock

It is now ten years since Robert Wells and Rhapsody In Rock stood on Dalhalla’s stage. During the years 1998-2010 Robert Well’s concert project was a major part of the arena’s program. With symphony orchestras, singers, dancers, fireworks, stuntmen, TV recordings and tailor-made scenes, Rhapsody In Rock has made its clear mark in Dalhalla’s history. Robert Wells and the entire ensemble have since 1998 the record in number of performances with 59 concerts, of which 55 sold out. The TV concerts have been shown in the Nordic countries, but also in China and the US.

Rhapsody In Rock now returns to Dalhalla with a specially composed performance. With 50 participants and secret guests, the audience will be taken on a spectacular musical journey in true Rhapsody In Rock spirit.

  • 31 July 2021
  • 20:00
  • Blue 890 SEK
  • Green 690 SEK
  • Red 790 SEK
  • Yellow 790 SEK

Plus service fee 50 SEK.

Age limit: 13 år
Parking space opens:
Entrance opens:

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