The following terms and conditions apply when Rättvik Event AB (Dalhalla), ID: 556709-3926 and you, the customer or through a third party, make the agreement stated in the confirmation. The agreement applies to the purchase of tickets, accommodation, transport, and purchase of other products and services, or a combination of these.


The organizing company responsible is Rättvik Event AB, (Dalhalla) ID:556709-3926. Other terms may apply when using public transport. The booking office is responsible for informing you of the booking and that you receive necessary travel documents and notice of any eventual changes in your booking. If your tickets are booked via a retail seller it is the retail seller’s responsibility to make sure that the organizing company’s terms and payment terms are carried out by the customer.

Service fee

On most tickets there is a service fee. The service fee is not refundablewhen an event is cancelled or onticketscovered by cancellation insurance. See below.

Non- refundable tickets

A booking can be cancelled only before payment has been made. The Swedish Distance Contracts Law states that the right of cancellation does not apply to the purchase of tickets. A ticket which is paid for at the time of booking is regarded as a purchase, even when the ticket has yet to be delivered. The buyer is bound by the purchase when the payment has been made. Tickets are regarded as official documents of value. Mislaid tickets will not be replaced or refunded.

Cancelled or discontinued concerts

Concerts may be cancelled or discontinued due to sickness or extreme weather conditions, for example.Entrance fees excluding service fees, and where applicable, cancellation fees are refundable at the place of ticket purchase if the concert is cancelled or discontinued before the interval. The entrance fee is not refundable if the concert has run to the interval or longer than 30 minutes in the case of concerts without intervals.

Own use

Tickets/products may only be bought for own use and may not be used commercially. This means that tickets may not be sold or used in competitions, or in connection with offers with other products or services without the permission of the organizing company.

The resale, or suspicion of resale, for a higher price than the official asking pricegives grounds for the seizing or annulling of the booking/ ticket. If tickets are annulled for the above stated reasons,service charges, delivery charges or distribution charges will not be refunded. The organizing company mayalso decide that the ticket price or cost of booking will not be refunded.

Payment by credit/debit card

The purchaser may be obliged to present the card used for payment of the tickets. Purchasers of tickets should always use their own personal cards when using the Internet. Only VISA, EUROCARD or MASTERCARD are accepted.

Cancellation insurance

The following applies to cancellation of tickets or bookings covered by cancellation insurance:

No later than 30 days before the performance date:

Cancellation insurance ensures free cancellation of bookings (tickets are refunded), rebooking/gift cards.

After 30 days but more than 48 hours before the performance takes place:

Free cancellation/rebooking/gift cards for those guests without plausible possibility of attending the concert.Reasons are that the guest, their company for the concert, or a close relative suffers from a serious illness, accident or death. Close relative is defined as following: husband/wife/partner, child, grandchild, sibling or parent. Doctor’s certificate is required.

Cancellation notice should be sent to Dalhalla no later than 48 hours before the performance datefor the cancellation insurance to be applicable. To cancel, please contact Dalhalla’s office:  telephone 0248 79 79 50 or e-mail info@dalhalla.se Please note that fees for cancellation insurance and service fees are not refundable and that cancellation insurance(50 SEK) applies to one ticket only.

Personal data

When purchasing a ticket you agree to personal data being used by Dalhalla. We comply with the Swedish Data Protection Act – PUL. You also consent to being contacted for marketing purposes such as newsletters, circulars and offers.

Terms and conditions for booking of accommodation

Bookings of accommodation can only be made via the Internet (www.dalhalla.se) and not via telephone. Your purchase/booking is binding as soon as you receive confirmation of the booking terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply immediately without regards as to whether you have paid the whole amount or only part of the total amount or nothing at all. You are responsible for checking that the date, number of people and type of accommodation is correct. ContactDalhalla’s booking office immediately if details of bookings are not correct.

Terms of cancellation:

  • Cancellation 30 days or earlier than date of the booked accommodation – 10% of the cost of the booking but not less 300 SEK
  • Cancellation 29-6 days before date of booked accommodation – 50% of the cost of the booking
  • Cancellation 5-0 before the date of booked accommodation – 100% of the cost of the booking

Note: The cost of tickets is not refunded when included in the accommodation packet.

Please observe that this text is a translation from the original terms and conditions >>Read here<< and that deviations may occur due to the translation.