About dalhalla

A Unique Arena

Dalhalla is an internationally renowned event venue described as one of the most impressive and beautiful outdoor arenas in Europe. Throughout the summer, a wide range of events, attracting over 100,000 visitors, takes place here. The arena hosts both Swedish and international renowned artists spanning various music genres. The single-night attendance record was set in 2023 by KISS with 6156 visitors.

From Limestone Quarry to Arena

360 million years ago, a meteor fell from space over Dalarna. It struck the region, creating the Siljan Ring and the surrounding Siljan area. The entire region’s bedrock was affected, forming an intriguing composition of colorful vertical stripes representing various layers of earth and rock, among which limestone became easily accessible.


Dalhalla, previously known as Draggängarna, is the name of a former limestone quarry where mining ceased in 1990. Over fifty years, excavation and blasting revealed what has now become the foundation for Dalhalla – an acoustically designed arena shaped in measurements that form an idealized golden ratio but in three dimensions. A stroke of luck that places Dalhalla on par with renowned stages in ancient Greece and Italy.

Natural Green Acoustics

Margareta Dellefors, the founder and initiator of Dalhalla, visited the Draggängarna limestone quarry for the first time during Pentecost in 1991. She was astonished by the incredible acoustics and immediately saw the potential to create a music arena on an international level.


The arena’s dimensions provide excellent resonance and a balanced length of reverberation, comparable to both ancient amphitheaters and concert halls worldwide. The unique environment captivates thousands of visitors annually, and world-renowned artists who have visited Dalhalla describe it as truly exceptional.


The rugged limestone walls prevent sound from becoming too harsh or creating echoes, and the design of the audience sections ensures a quality sound experience from any seat. However, rain and wind, common in the Swedish summer, can sometimes affect the acoustics.


Dimensions of the limestone quarry: 400m x 175m x 55m

Audience Capacity

Seated with a moat in front of the stage: approx. 4800

Seated on the parquet: approx. 5400

With Standing room: approx. 6000

Which artists have performed in Dalhalla over the years?

How has Dalhalla as an arena evolved over the years?